Friday, February 25, 2011

Indie Mission Man

A quick break from the Legend of Kilflame (LoK, for the small group of insiders), to alert you to a man and a blog on a mission.   The Writings of Mass Deduction is a blog by a fellow named Steven - and Steven downloads and plays an XBLIG every single day.   He's been doing it for over 100 days now. 

Seriously, and he's apparently not stopping.

That sort of willpower and dedication is noteworthy (evident by a recent Kotaku article).  

What strikes me too, is that his methodology mirrors what XBLIG developers wish Microsoft could accomplish - that is, highlight so many of the good games that get lost when they drop of the "new releases" list.    The "top rated" list does a good job of making sure the top ~3% stay relevant and can actually generate further sales and high ratings.   But many would say there are another ~20% that are worthwhile and fun games that essentially fall off a cliff into oblivion after a short stint (sometimes 5 days or less) on the new releases list.

Steven and his blog find those games.    And he directs fans of specific genres to games that might otherwise never be found. 

He was nice enough to cover Opac's Journey and for that I say 'thank you.'  

I recommend everyone go take 10 minutes to shuffle through his reviews to remind yourself that the XBLIG platform is full of great titles at great prices.

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