Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let's Get Familiar with Maya (again)

It's with great pleasure that I am reintroducing our premier heroine of Ophidian Wars: Legend of Kilflame, Maya (and no, she is not named after the the 3D modeling tool). 

For those of you who played Opac's Journey, this game will begin just before that story ends.  While Opac is making his way to the surface, Maya is spending her first night alone, banished from her home city.   

For those new to some of the backstory, Maya is of royalty, but accused of treason against her brother, the soon-to-be ruler of their kind.    Her sentencing to banishment is highly controversial but upheld.   Meanwhile, Opac is sent out on his mission to find Maya before another badass does.  He's sort of like Reese from Terminator, I suppose.

So Maya begins the game as an outcast of her people at a time that is especially dangerous to be stranded.   There are other forces, some ancient and some mostly unknown, delving into great conflict.  Legend of Kilflame will follow Maya as she makes new allies, is hunted by infamous mercenaries, and unravels a much bigger story than her own.   

Sexy pose or deadly slide attack to the privates?   
In terms of combat, Maya uses a spear which is the traditional weapon of her people.   For defense, she uses an off-hand gauntlet which is used to block.  The advantage Maya has is that her spear and gauntlet are uniquely powerful items.  Gifted to her by her father, they are "Elder" relics and can harness the power of what is known as "Core."   

"Who wants some ice cream?!"
In the Ophidian Wars universe, Core can sort of be equated to what we think of as a being's soul, only in a solid, tangible form.   We'll talk about Core again at some point, or you can dip into the archives if you're curious to see what Core looks like.

With some help from our talented friend Robbo, we recently polished off Maya's full set of animations (hence some of these pics you see).  It was important to us that Maya get the full treatment, beyond the standard set of required combat/movement animations.  So we've imbued her with some extra life and personality, adding animations that allow her to stretch, claim victory, show boredom, etc.   And I must say, she looks very good doing it all.

Let us know what you think.  Any questions about Maya?  Drop a note in the comments section or post in the forums.


  1. Lookin good there. After seeing those pics, I had to search out the old post with some of Maya's animations. It would be cool if you could post a video with some of the new moves you were talking about. As sweet as Opac's game was, (and it REALLY was), it's good to see the focus shift back to Maya.

  2. Thanks man, glad to see you back as well! Yeah I left the old animations up on the YouTube channel but will probably make a new video soon too. Honestly, we're probably not more than a couple a weeks from showing them in a live game environment too. (not a finished game environment, mind you :)

  3. Can´t wait to see her animations, she looks pretty awesome for an indie title!

    And it´s nice to get some background - sounds interesting so far. Keep it coming! :-)