Monday, May 31, 2010

Smooth It Out Now

As noted in the comments section below, we decided (with some help from our readers) to have a fresh look at the background tiles in Opac's Journey. This is one of those details that can prove a bit trickier than people expect, especially considering the way our level engine is designed. We logged a good deal of hours and believe the result is a nice upgrade. Gone is the checkerboard pattern, and in its place a smooth unobtrusive background. Screenshots below.


  1. Ah, that looks very nice. Hope it wasn't too much work for you guys, but at least in my opinion, it's a step up. Keep up the good work.

  2. Now that was what i was talking about. Now it looks way more professional. Good job, and way to step up to the plate.

    Now just get it finished already so i can play some levels in playtest or something ;)

    Da Voodoochief

  3. We're pretty sure that by the end of this week we'll be submitting it for playtest. :)