Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blast Off

As mentioned in other posts, one design goal in Opac's Journey was to really emphasize the high-flying acrobatic abilties of Opac himself. We wanted to increase the "normal" parameters of platforming - and since Opac himself is a non-human known for his agility, it just made sense that he would be adept and be able to pull off some cool stunts.

Many of Opac's abilities will be learned as players explore the cave network and find the relics hidden within, but the ability to "blast" is tied directly to the caves themselves and used right from the get-go. (check out the screenshot - that's the peak frame of the blast animation)

While his normal jumping height is quite strong, Opac will employ the use of geysers (steam jets) throughout the caves to essentially blast upwards to great heights. Triggering a geyser will rocket Opac upwards more than double his normal jumping height.

Like most abilities, blasting will require some practice in order to learn how best to conquer tough jumps. Sometimes they are merely a means of reaching a high platform, but they are also needed to cross deadly chasms. Learning the correct angle to blast is key to a successful landing. Furthermore, combining a well-timed blast with other abilities like gliding and wall-sticking allows for some pretty impressive stunts.


  1. So this is slightly off topic, but you've only mentioned Opac's acrobatic abilities (which look great, btw). Will there be any combat involved?

  2. Fair question and good observation. The real centerpiece is the movement/platforming/navigation. While the Opac character (in lore terms) will have blades that he attacks with, that's being included in our follow up game "Legend of Kilflame." In fact, that combat engine is already built. Once Opac reaches the surface he plays a more aggressive role. This is just the story of his climb to the surface. We toyed with the idea of basic enemies to slash but it honestly seems to take away from the core gameplay. Once we get a gameplay video together, you'll see what we mean. ;)

  3. That's cool, I was just curious. Some of my favorite games are the Knytt series and Seiklus, and they prove you don't need to fight stuff to keep a game interesting. Looking forward to seeing more, and thanks for the reply.

  4. Agreed - Knytt is a favorite of mine as well. N+ is another that manages it well - no combat, but lots of action.